Dmitry Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia

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D. Mendeleev University is not only one of the best technical schools in Russia, but also a cultural center, indeed.

Once the classes are over, the lecture rooms and labs become empty and all sounds die in the hallways, the University takes on a whole different life. Things become lively and loud around the Greater and Small Assembly Halls, in the student trade union committee, the club and the campus-based athletic center. Students of chemistry are active and creative people. They have diverse interests and hobbies.

The University is imbibed with unique spirit of creation with its multiple festive shows, the famous Mendeleev University KVN panel club, academic choir, brass band, art song club and the MUCTR theater. There are ample opportunities for self-expression. The leisure time of each student, be it a freshman or a professor, is filled with thrilling and exciting events.

The University is very popular with the famous artists, such as The Academy of Ancient Music directed by T. Grindenko, The Kremlin Orchestra directed by M. Rakhlevsky, outstanding piano player A. Liubimov, “Russia’s golden flute” A. Korneyev, and very young musicians, such as the ones from Vladimir Spivakov International Charity Foundation. Vladimir Baykov, the Department of Cybernetics of the Chemical Technology Processes graduate, ranks among the Club’s discoveries.

MUCTR Academic Choir founded by S.V. Strokin, Professor with the Moscow Schnitke State Institute, in 1986, has won huge popularity with the music lovers.

D. Mendeleev University has become the birthplace of the Chamber Stage professional drama theater.

D. Mendeleev University did not limit itself to training a pleiad of brilliant researchers in the chemical industry. Many Russian art professionals are former MCTI/MUCTR graduates, including Vadim Abdrashitov, People’s Artist of Russia and a renowned film director; Mikhail Marfin, popular TV anchorman and director of the KVN major league panel games (also captain of the MCTI KVN team in 1987), artist A. Fedoseyev, and Vladimir Baykov, soloist with the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Musical Theater.

D. Mendeleev University opened doors to the new life of creative activities for many renowned journalists, who started as students running the University’s Mendeleevets newspaper

The history of the University student-run newspaper dates back to the Moscow Industrial College, when its students clandestinely published the first issues in 1905. Currently, the paper prints in 2000 copies. The Mendeleevets newspaper often wins The Crystal Arrow Prize for its publications devoted to students` life in Moscow. The newspaper discusses issues of the higher school reform, news in the student life and comprehensively covers the activities conducted by the University. The Mendeleevets newpaper is a living history of our University.

MUCTR History Museum is one of the best university museums in Russia. The museum vaults store many invaluable relics, unique documents, photos, including personal archives of Dmitry Mendeleev University graduates.

Athletic Activities

D. Mendeleev University is proud of its athletic achievements and traditions. The University has churned out many prominent athletes.

Today, the University offers over 20 athletic specializations and classes, holds many competitions and championships that are part of the MUCTR Spartakiade Games. The Christmas gatherings with the participation of the Olympic champions have become a tradition at the University. The thrilling athletic competitions are held today both in the cultural and athletic complex in the Tushino District and the newly renovated athletic facility in the Miusy District, both in Moscow.

The track-and-field athletics is king of the sports activities. The MUCTR has hundreds of athletes enjoying the track-and-field events, including several holders of the Master of Sports degree. The athletes participate in the traditional international relay race Kric in Paris, France. In 2004 D. Mendeleev University ranked third during the competition among 16 European Universities. A relay race is held annually on the Miuss Ring in Moscow for the prize awarded by the Mendeleevets newspaper. In 2015, it was held for the 64th time and dedicated to the 70th anniversary of victory in World War II.

The University takes pride in its aerobics classes, which have been transformed in the V-Style Athletic Club with more than 500 members.

The MUCTR aerobics class graduates include a winner of the silver medal at the World Championship, and a Champion of Russia in athletic aerobics. The aerobics team is a multiple champion and prize-winner of the championships among the Moscow-based and Russian colleges and the participant in the cultural program of the International Youth Games, Moscow City Day festivities, and celebrations on the Red Square.

Team sports, such as volleyball and basketball are very popular with the students. More than 200 students practice these activities. The University is proud of its male and female university teams.

The wrestling classes include sambo (Russian martial art), judo and Shangi (Burmese martial art). There are dozens of holders of advanced degrees and masters of sports in these disciplines, who are winners in the Moscow and all-Russia championships.

Mountain climbing appeals to romantic dreamers. We go hand in hand with the time and currently enjoy new athletic activities, including rock-climbing and snowboarding. The prominent Soviet rock climber V. Abalakov graduated from MCTI in 1931. In 2004 our students discovered a mountaintop and proudly named it the Mendeleevets (graduate from D. Mendeleev University).

Soccer is an exciting and spectacular game, which has enthralled many generations of the University students. P. Sarkisov, current MUCTR President, used to be the member of the Spartak soccer team during his younger years.

The University futsall team won the Football Revue Cup for three consecutive years and became the Champion of Moscow several times.

The University takes particular pride in its cross-country skiing achievements. Over 50 students have earned high athletic rankings in this athletic activity.

The Department of Physical Education has a special health section for those who cannot afford to engage in strenuous exercises for health reasons.