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General information

Dmitry Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia (MUCTR) has old and fruitful international relations.

Over more than 60-years history of training specialists for foreign countries, about 3 thousand representatives of 80 countries have graduated from our university, 300 PhD students and Doctor of Science trainees have defended PhD and Doctor of Science dissertations. The system of contract training of foreign students has been widely developing lately.

MUCTR actively participates in the international academic and research programs. Annually, tens of the projects carried out by scientists and research workers of the university are financed via grants issued by the international foundations such as ТАCIS, ТЕМPUS, КОPERNIKUS, IREX, DAAD and others.

The Ecological Center has been founded at the university, the International Training and Research Centre for the transfer of pharmaceutical and biotechnologies as well as Sarkisov International Laboratory of Functional Glass Materials functioning successfully.

MUCTR carries out various major international conferences, symposia, and seminars held under the auspices of UNESCO, IUPAC, and the Russian Chemical Society.

Nowadays Mendeleev University has reached more than 120 agreements with higher education institutions and the organizations of 35 “far abroad” countries such as: France, Germany, the Great Britain, Ireland, Switzerland, Finland, Italy, Japan, the USA, Czechia, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Chile, Egypt, Tunis, Syria, Libya, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Norway, Turkey, Guinea, Bulgaria, Singapore, Greece, Iran, the Netherlands, Mexico, Spain, Austria, Ecuador, Mongolia, Myanmar and 6 CIS countries: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan.

Over the past 10 years the university has carried out the training of over 1000 foreign specialists. MUCTR students, graduates and professors have been to abroad on more than 1500 business trips.  

Annually, about 200 teachers and research workers of the university actively participate in international conferences, symposia, exhibitions and seminars in different countries all over the world.  

MUCTR students go abroad to foreign universities (in the USA, Germany, Japan, the Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Czechia, Italy, Spain, China) for the studies involved, for PhD studies, carrying out diploma designs, for the practical studies, for taking part in scientific and technical conferences and so on.

Foreign universities and the scientific organizations appreciate the academic preparation of MUCTR students at its true value. MUCTR graduates get many offers to continue their studies and research work with the foreign universities in the USA, Canada, Germany, France, the Great Britain, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and other countries.

Besides the academic exchanges there are exchanges of student's sports and cultural delegations.


Areas of Activity of the International Relations Administration

The goal of the International Relations Administration activity is realization and ensuring of legal, organizational, passport and visa protocol maintenance and coordination for MUCTR international cooperation.

Activity of the International Relations Administration includes:

·      Working out and conclusion of long-term agreements and contracts with foreign partners, practical realization of these agreements with the other proper subdivisions of the university;

·      Examining the efficiency questions of the international cooperation within the bounds of the university;

·       Participation in working out plans for the international contacts of the university;

·      Participation in carrying out multilateral and bilateral actions according to the plans of the international cooperation;

·      Working out projects of cooperation agreements between Mendeleev University and higher education institutions and organizations from other countries;

·      Informing of teachers and students of the university about possible forms of participation in programs on various kinds of international cooperation;

·      Admittance of foreign citizens to MUCTR in accordance with the international agreements on the international cooperation;

·      Execution of documents for trips abroad for teachers and students of the university in accordance with the international agreements on the international cooperation;

·      Passport and visa regime control of the foreign citizens arriving at the country in accordance with the agreements on the international cooperation with MUCTR;

·      The proper legal Registration of the foreign citizens;

·      Realization of direct contacts with foreign partners, their representatives in the Russian Federation and private individuals involving the questions concerning the international activity of Mendeleev University.


Honorable Doctors

In 1961 the Academic Council of Moscow Mendeleev Institute of Chemical Technology instituted the degree of Honorable Doctor of the institute. Honorable doctors of the university became well known chemists, technologists, managers of the science and higher education, public figures, scientists, ecologists, politicians, cultural figures, among them: 

1.      Krishnavarasamy Ventkataraman (1961) India

2.       Janos Inczedy (1981) Hungary

3.       Milcho Angelov Natov (1981) Bulgaria

4.       Svetla Naidenova Raicheva (1982) Bulgaria

5.       Gunther Grun (1982) Germany

6.       Jiri Mostecki (1985) Czechoslovakia

7.       Dennis L. Meadows (1989) USA

8.       Jean Mayer (1991)  USA

9.       Margaret Thatcher (1994) United Kingdom

10.   Umberto Colombo (1994) Italy

11.   Eberhardt Dipgen (1996) Germany

12.   Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis (1997) Greece

13.   Jacques-Yves Cousteau (1997) France

14.   Samak Suntharavet (1997) Thailand

15.   George Sobotta (1997) Germany

16.   Jose Carreras (1998) Spain

17.   Thor Heyerdahl (1999) Norway

18.   Montserrat Cabalier (2000) Spain

19.   Irina Arkhipova (2001) Russia

20.   Lord Brown Medingley (2003) United Kingdom

21.  Galina Vishnevskaya (2006) Russia

22.  Jean-Michel Jarre (2008) France

23.  Hans Leuenberger (2008) Swiss

24.  Chulaphon Mahidon  (2011) Thailand

25.  Angela Merkel (2012) Germany

26.  Murat Zhurinov (2014) Kazakhstan


Information for foreign citizens applying for D. Mendeleev University

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Deputy Head of International Projects and Programs Alexey Gotsdanker  

Phone/fax: +7 (499) 112-30-87