Dmitry Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia

Miusskaya sq. 9, 125047 Moscow, Russia  | +7 (499) 978-86-60

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Mendeleev University today

Dmitry Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia is one of the leading chemical universities of Russia. The university was founded in 1898 as an Industrial College in Moscow. Since its early days of existence, Mendeleev University has been training applied engineers for industrial needs.

At present the university provides training of the professionals for chemical technology branch and scientific researches in the field of chemical technology, petrochemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceutical technologies, nanotechnology and nanoengineering, energy and resource efficient technologies, ecology, modern power engineering materials, etc.

Mendeleev University has some modern educational buildings, academic and research centers and laboratories, small-scale enterprises, campus.

Total number of students is about 8000 persons including more than 550 students from 35 countries of the world. Annual students’ acceptation is more than 1000 persons.

Scientific potential of the university makes 500 post-graduates and interns, 550 PhD holders, Associate Professors, 220 Doctors of Science, full Professors, 9 Academicians and Correspondent Members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 35 Members of the specialized Academies.

    The university is licensed to confer the following degrees (qualifications) to graduates with issuing the state Russian diplomas:
  • Bachelor (education duration ‑ 4 years)
  • Specialist (education duration ‑ 5 years)
  • Master of Science (education duration ‑ 2 years after Bachelor course)
  • Philosophy Doctor (in technical and chemical science, education duration ‑ 4 years)
  • Doctor of Sciences (in technical and chemical science, education duration ‑ 3 years)

The University has old and fruitful international relations, it actively participates in the international, academic, and research programs. Nowadays Mendeleev University has reached more than 120 agreements with higher education institutions and the organizations of 35 countries of the world.

    Additional facilities:
  • Total academic area ‑ 161300 m2.
  • Library Centre, which fund includes near 1.700.000 books.
  • Campus in the northwest of Moscow ( three blocks of the dormitories for 3.000 persons and Cultural and Athletic Center (CAC), gyms, psychological relaxation room, cloakrooms, library and reading rooms, cafeterias, shops, sanatorium-preventorium, assembly hall).
  • Clinic for students.
  • Students’ recreation bases: sport-camping "Tuchkovo" (Moscow suburb).
  • Students’ cafe, food centers.